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About Lily Doxy

Lily Doxy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Communications from Howard University and her Master’s of Business in Business Management and Marketing from Saint Peter’s University. She also has a Mini-MBA from Rutgers University in Digital Marketing.

Lily started The Sponsorship Concierge in 2018. As a Marketer for a Fortune 500 Company, Lily worked with many different companies and people seeking sponsorship. She saw a need for assistance as many people had no idea what companies like hers were looking for when seeking sponsorship. She quickly realized many small business owners were missing out on potential sponsorship dollars because they did not know how to properly present themselves.

Lily is no stranger to hard work and entrepreneurship. She is the child of Haitian immigrants who were entrepreneurs since before she was born. Her father has been a serial entrepreneur since 1983 and she learned quickly that it is possible for you to garner success by running your own business and following your passion.

In 2018, with the combination of her education and real-world experience, she created The Sponsorship Concierge. To date, she has assisted her clients to obtain sponsorships from Verizon, Google, and Black Enterprise to name a few.

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